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Thread: Help on lapcounters

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    Help on lapcounters

    what do you need to hook up a lapcounter on a ho track and what should I get for software etc as cheep as possible I have 6 lane track
    would be nice to have some races on my track
    Thanks Rick
    Thanks Rick

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    There are some free lap counter programs available... but then you still have to buy or build the hardware.

    TrackMate is a very good program, and they offer a "turn-key" kit that is probably the best bang-for-the-buck available, especially for home & club tracks:

    TrackMate - KIT: 6 Lane HO Lap Counter


    TrackMate is what I would recommend... unless you are on a really tight budget &/or are willing to tackle a free program and some DIY for the hardware.
    (if that is the case... scroll down to link at bottom of post)

    Other options:

    LapMaster is the popular choice now for commercial tracks... but is also a bit more expensive:


    Older PC based systems include SRT and LaneMaster.

    There is also the DS Lap Counters - popular with 1/32 scale clubs... but I do not know if they offer an HO tack interface or light bridge.

    There are many other options listed on my Track Building Resources list - but the list is a bit out of date:

    Track Building Online Resources

    Scroll down to: Lap Counters & Software

    Paul K @ OWH
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