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Thread: RETRO returns to The TRACK

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    RETRO returns to The TRACK

    The Mason-Dixon Retro guys have worked with The Track in Gaithersburg planning a return to Retro racing on Sunday, March 8.

    The classes will be GTC, Can-Am, and RetroPro. Please post your intention on competing on the super fast Gerding King on March 8.

    Hawk Retro and Puppy Dog Mills ok.

    We look forward to racing on one of the fastest Kings in the country, and racing with some friends of the Mason Dixon Retro Series. Hope to see everyone there.

    Sunday, March 8

    Open practice 10 AM

    Tech opens for GTC 11:30 AM

    GTC race 12 noon followed by Can-Am and RetroPro

    Time to go fast! As Far as I know this track has run the fastest 13.8 volt lap with a Can Am car at 3.86, come join us and let's see how much faster we can go.

    The Track
    16806 Oakmont Ave
    Gaithersburg, MD 20877
    (301) 417-9630
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