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Thread: And now a message from the management:

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    And now a message from the management:

    We at NorCal love our retro slot racing & offer a low stress, high competition race format. We donít do qualifying & everybody races in the same main. We donít use the fastest motors in our cars; in fact, three of our classes use the Slick 7 Mini-Brute. This slows down the cars & actually make racing more enjoyable.

    Unfortunately, the past three races have been plagued with loud & unnecessary outbursts. The last one was the worst, with one racer threatening the other to ďtaking him outsideĒ. This kind of behavior will not be tolerated. We like close competition, but this is taking it way too serious. If you canít control yourself, you will not be welcome.

    Grumbling & general whining is permitted, but yelling at other people isnít going to make you friends either. You will receive one warning, then you will be black flagged & possibly banned for two races. We are here for the enjoyment of our sport & violence will not part of it. I already talked to Jim about this & he has agreed to this policy.

    Crap happens & bitching about it isnít going to help. If youíre not having fun, itís time to find a new hobby. See you at the track.
    Russ Toy
    I am team burrito and I approve this message.

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    And for the record... I wasn't anywhere near the last three races! So it wasn't me! :-)
    Michael Colvin


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