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Thread: Parma resistors

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    Parma resistors

    Hi does everyone solder their resistors in their parma controllers
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    Yes. Only the entry level controllers have the wires crimped on.

    And sand your wiper button flatter so more bands are contacted. Helps to keep them from burning up so easy.

    After you realize this still does not work,buy an electronic controller.

    Good luck
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    What specifically do you want to know about soldering in controller resistors? The question is a little vague, and I dislike answering what wasn't needed.

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    Since kids regularly damage the rentals, I doubt if there are any raceway owners that have NOT had to repair a resistor that has had a burnt last band. You just need to unwrap the nickel-crome flat wire enough to find a good point on the steel band to resolder it. Ni-crome does NOT bond that well, so you HAVE to break the cardinal rule of not using acid core in electrical soldering...and scotchbrite it good. If several band come loose, just glue them down with stupid-glue.
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