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Thread: Thank You for a Great Nats.

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    Thank You for a Great Nats.

    I want to start out by saying Thanks to Mike Iles for providing a First Class Raceway to host the Usra Nationals at. I want to thank Mic Byrd for great motors and team help all the time without you I cant do it. Jonathan Madtes thanks for all the team help also. Lee Gilbert and Jim Radford Thank You for the best Eurosport i ever drove and giving me a chance to compete with great racers like Paul Gawronski, Casey Scott, Luiz Bernardino, Chris Radisich and Jerry Herbert. Andrew Ryan Eldridge Thanks for all the help with 12s. In all i had a really good Nationals and hope i can make it to next years event. Congratulations to all the Winners during week. And lastly i want to Thank the Speedzone crew that helped with everything putting this event on.
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    Thanks Rob. I would also like to Thank Mike Ilse for putting on a 1st class USRA Nat's and all the guy there . Thanks to Jon Madtes for all the body mounts you did and Rob . Team Black Towel had a very good Nat's and hopefully it will be even better next year. I would like to Thank All the racers who travel to share in the NJ Nat's experience . I would also like to Thank Matt Bruce Jon Madtes and Jason Hooper for all there hard work on The rules book and running a great show. you guys have a tough job and you do it well Thanks. Last but not least i would like to thank Ron Hershman of Fast Ones and Outisight for the Great food on Saturday.
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    What about a thank you to Matt Bruce, jon madtes, Jason hooper, and Brandon for doing a great job running the race and teching the cars and race directing.
    Of course a big thanks to Mike iles for keeping the speed zone running and having a great local racing facility with a great staff and tons of help from everyone!
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