The on-line newsletter of the Retro ElecTric Racing Organization (RETRO)

MAY (Volume 2… Number 5)




Sat. May 16

2211 Manchester Rd.
Akron, Ohio
(330) 861-5000
Contact: Steve Reed
155’ Original American Raceway Blue King

Classes: Can-Am, Formula One/Indy, Group 7-68

• All classes must run Pro Slot 4002-FK motors w/ spec 8 tooth pinions



Race will honor the memory of Bob Emott

Fri. /Sat. June 12-13

280 Eliot St.
Ashland, MA
(508) 881-7616
Contact: Richard Payne

Three Original American Raceway tracks:

220’ Sovereign (Purple Mile)
135’ Aristocrat Hill Climb
95’ Royal

Classes: Can-Am, Formula One/Indy, World Sports Car Coupe

All classes will use Pro Slot 4002-FK motors with designated spec pinions



RETRO National Championship Points Event Race #3

SAT. May 16

Route 93 Raceway
2211 Manchester Rd.
Akron, Ohio
(330) 861-5000
Contact: Steve Reed
155’Original American Raceway Blue King

RETRO Information
Information: Ron Hershman (

Can-Am ... (Pro Slot 4002-FK motors ONLY / 8 tooth spec pinion)
Formula One/Indy .. (Pro Slot 4002-FK motors ONLY / 8 tooth spec pinion)
Group 7-68 ... (Pro Slot 4002-FK motors ONLY / 8 tooth spec pinion)

All RETRO car specifications, rules, procedures and by-laws will be in effect. These may be found at:

$15.00 for the first class entered. (Includes Saturday practice and a track provided breakfast, lunch and dinner)
$10.00 for second and third classes entered.

Can-Am and Formula One/Indy will qualify using a ‘best single lap’ format to seed racers into mains. Mains will be three minutes on/two minutes off. Group 7-68 will not qualify and will be seeded by race officials. Group 7-68 mains will be two minutes on/two minutes off. Final race results in all three classes will be determined by highest lap totals from all of the mains. Race order will be: Can-Am, Formula One/Indy, and Group 7-68. Drivers will race in pre-determined All Star and Invitational categories. Separate awards will be given in each classification. All Star and Invitational drivers will race and be scored together in group 7-68.

Track will open at 8:00 AM on Saturday. Practice will be from 8:00 – 9:30 AM. Tech for both Can-Am and Formula One/Indy (both classes will be teched at the same time) will begin promptly at 9:30. Tech for Group 7-68 will open a half hour following the conclusion of the Formula One/Indy A-main.
Rt. 93 Raceway will be open for practice on Friday, May 15 from 12:00 Noon to until approximately 10:00 PM. Free Pizza will be available in the evening. A $10.00 ‘pit pass’ will be charged.

A ceremony will be held to distribute awards to drivers who participated in the 2014-2015 BRS series.

One lap – 4.581
Total – 303 laps

One lap – 4.692
Total – 289 laps

One lap – 4.600
Total – 289

One lap – 4.881
Total – 281

GROUP 7-68
Total – 195


The Retro ElecTric Racing Organization (RETRO) and Modelville Hobby in Ashland, MA have announced what promises to be the most unique and challenging event in the history of retro slot car racing with the running of the American Raceway Extravaganza in honor of Bob Emott on the weekend of June 12-13.

“Modelville Hobby, which celebrates its 50th anniversary in 2015, is one of the largest commercial raceways in the United States,” said RETRO Executive Director Ron Hershman. “And, it is the only facility, to our knowledge, housing three original restored American Raceway tracks under one roof. Modelville is the perfect venue to stage an ‘Extravaganza’ commemorating the historical significance of American Raceways and the golden era of slot car racing in the 1960s.”

The event will also honor the memory of Bob Emott, a pioneer racer, chassis builder, track owner and parts manufacturer from the 60s and 70s, who passed away earlier this year. Emott resided in New Jersey and was a top pro racer from that era.

The Extravaganza will feature racing on all three of Modelville’s American Raceway tracks throughout the weekend. Action will take place on the 135 foot American Aristocrat Hill Climb, which was recently rebuilt by Gary Gerding, the 95 foot Black American Royal track, and the 220 foot American ‘Purple Mile’ Sovereign, which is believed to be the only surviving example still in operation. Gary Gerding of Gerding Fast Tracks has previously fully restored the Modelville Royal and Sovereign tracks.

“We plan to race the World Sports Car (WSC) Coupe class on the Hill Climb, Formula One/Indy on the Royal and Can-Am on the Sovereign track. All car classes will use the new, inexpensive triple-sealed Pro Slot 4002-FK motors. All RETRO rules, procedures, guidelines and by-laws will be followed (

“New England is a hotbed for retro racing, and many racers from the Midwest and other regions of the nation have expressed a desire to race on the ‘Purple Mile’, so we are expecting a large turnout for this historic event. This will be the first major RETRO-sanctioned event east of Ohio, and we are looking forward to racing with are friends on the East Coast,” Hershman said.

The Modelville American Raceway Extravaganza will also mark event number four of the 2015 RETRO National Championship Series, which highlights eight major races held across the country, culminating in the crowning of a true ‘King of Retro’.

For more information on the event contact: Ron Hershman ( Information for Modelville Hobby may be found at: (, or by contacting Richard Payne at (508) 881-7616.


RETRO National Championship Point Race Number 4…

Racing on three different original American Raceway tracks…

Event will honor the memory of Bob Emott…

JUNE 12-13

Modelville Hobby
280 Eliot Rd.
Ashland, MA 01721
(508) 881-7661
Contact: Richard Payne

220’ American Raceway Sovereign (‘Purple Mile’)
135’ American Raceway Aristocrat Hill Climb
95’ American Raceway Black Royal


Contact: Ron Hershman (


WORLD SPORTS CAR (WSC) COUPE … (Pro Slot 4002-FK motor ONLY / Spec 8 tooth pinion)

FORMULA ONE/INDY … (Pro Slot 4002-FK motor ONLY / Spec 7 or 8 tooth pinion)

CAN-AM … (Pro Slot 4002-FK motor ONLY / Spec 8 or 9 tooth pinion)


All RETRO car/body rules, procedures, guidelines and by-laws will be in effect for this event. These may be found at


Thursday, June 11 … Practice open for all three classes on all three tracks

Friday, June 12 … WSC Coupe on the 135’ Aristocrat Hill Climb

Saturday, June 13 … Formula One/Indy on the 95’ Black Royal

Can-Am on the 220’ Sovereign ‘Purple Mile’


All classes will qualify for one-minute using a format TBD. Racers will be seeded into evenly divided mains based on qualifying times… slowest to fastest. All mains will be three minutes on / two minutes off. Mains will be ‘one and done’. There will be no ‘move-ups’. Final race results will be determined by the highest number of total laps earned in all of the mains.


THURSDAY, June 11 … $10.00 pit pass (All classes / All three tracks)
FRIDAY, June 12 … $10.00 pit pass
$15.00 WSC on the Aristocrat (Includes a pizza dinner)
SATURDAY, JUNE 13 … Formula One/Indy on the Royal / Can-Am on the Sovereign
$20.00 for first class (Includes pit pass / track provided lunch)
$15.00 for second class


Raceway will open at 8:00 AM on Friday and Saturday. Practice will be from 8:00 until 9:30. Track power will be turned off at 9:30. Tech for ALL classes will open at 9:30 AM. Formula One/Indy and Can-Am will be teched at the same time on Saturday. Qualifying will begin immediately following tech.

The track will be open for practice on Thursday, April 11 from 10:00 AM until approximately 10:00 PM. A $10.00 pit pass will be charged for practice.

May 16 … Second BRS BUCKEYE BASH / RT 93 Akron, OH
Jun 12-13 … Inaugural AMERICAN EXTRAVAGANZA / Modelville Hobby, Ashland, MA
Jul 18 … Fourth RETRO RACE OF CHAMPIONS / Real Speed Raceway, Ft. Wayne, IN
Sept 19 … Fifth RETRO SUMMIT / MMW Canton, OH
Nov 27-28 … Third TEXAS TWO STEP / Dallas Slot Cars / Garland, TX

RETRO Summer Tune-up Series …

Real Speed Raceway in Ft. Wayne, Indiana will be hosting a series of RETRO races this summer on its 155’ Ogilvie King track.

Classes will include: Can-Am and Formula One/Indy both using the Pro Slot 4002-Fk motor with spec 8 tooth pinions, and World Sports Car Coupes using Pro Slot Puppy Dogs with 7 tooth spec pinions.

DATES: May 23, June 20, July 11, Aug.15, and Sept. 12

Track will be closed on Friday’s prior to race dates, and will open at 10:00 AM on race days. This is intended to be a fun series, and no points will be recorded. Use the May 23, June 20 an July 11 races as a test and tune for the July 17-18 RETRO ‘Race of Champions’ event.


RETRO is pleased to announce that Real Speed Raceway in Ft. Wayne, IN has been awarded the Fourth Annual Race of Champions contest on July 18. The event, which will mark race number five of the RETRO National Championship Series, will be contested on its 155’ Ogilvie King track … Word out of Fremont, Ohio is that Fastraxxx Raceway owner Chris Earnhart will have Gary Gerding put a new deck on his 95’ Original America Black Royal track this summer … Congratulations are in order for Eric Shirey, Chris Barnes and Dan Myers II for advancing to the RETRO All Star category. The three racers will move-up at the beginning of the 2015-16 series seasons … The BRS West series is pleased to welcome Greg Krumnow and Rich Attee to its board of Directors, joining Ron Hefshman … RETRO sends its condolences to the family of Georgetta Bennardo, who passed away on Easter morning. ‘George’ was beloved by everyone who knew her, and was a fixture behind the counter of the former R-Geo Raceway in Pennsylvania. RIP.


The second annual RETRO All Stars and Invitational Races was held April 11-12, 2015 at RT 93 Raceway in Akron, Ohio.
A full raceway and plenty of practice taking place on Friday prior to the Saturday and Sunday event to come. Everyone was doing last minute thrashing and testing on Saturday morning prior to tech and qualifying. Thirty four total cars went though tech for Can Am with only one car being bounced for a minor infraction. Invitational tech was handled by Ron Hershman and All Stars tech was handled by Dan Myers.
Qualifying was done "laps and sections" style with the Invitational drivers qualifying first and it was Marc Picione running the most laps and sections with 12 laps and 126 sections. Mike Panko set the fastest lap during the Invitational qualifying session with a 4.6008 lap.
In the All Stars qualifying session it was Willy Custer running 12 laps and 163 sections to go the furthest with the top 5 All Star drivers within 5 feet of each other. Willy also ran the fastest qualifying lap of 4.5819 to Ron Hershman's 4.5849 the only two drivers breaking the 4.5 barrier.
There was a drawing for two Mossetti Racing Can Am Chassis kits. The Invitational Winner was Marc Picione and the All Stars Winner was James Merriman.
The Can Am C qualifying main was ran first with Tim Baatz leading the way by 2 laps after heat 1. By the halfway point of the race Tim stretched out his lead to 10 laps over 2nd place running Bob Summers. Tim was on fire cruising to the Win with 274 laps. Second was Lonnie Baatz ( Tim's father ) 254 laps followed by Kevin Cosgrove 252, Bob Summers 250.362, Matt Easterday 250.166, Pops Myers 246 and Rick Easterday 236. Tim ran fastest lap of the race with a 4.828 to Bob Summers 4.999 and the only two drivers to break the 5 second barrier in the race. Bob Summers won a pair of JDR tires for being the fastest qualifier for this main.Tim also won a Free RTR Hardbody Car from B&E Slotsport for Winning this race.
Can Am B qualifying main had Chris Barnes and Gil Pataky out front by two laps over the rest of the field after heat 1. In heat 2 Chris was 2 ahead of Gil. After 4 heats Chris was leading by 8 over Elmo Vallance and Ken Wehnert and at the end it was Chris Barnes Winning with 275 laps with Ken Wehnert 2nd 268 laps and Gil Pataky 3rd 267 laps. Larry Mattingly was 4th 266 followed by Elmo Vallance 265, Craig Scharfenberg 257 and Dennis Clark 123 DNF. Chris Barnes ran fastest lap of the race with a 4.878 lap and Dennis Clark ran a 4.890 lap and the only two drivers in the 4.8's. Chris also won a free built chassis of his choice from CHR Cap Henry Racing for winning this race.
Can Am A qualifying main was a shootout the whole race between the top 6 drivers. Panko and Picione were out front by a lap after heat 1. Tom Harrington was the leader after heat 2 with Picione on his rear bumper. Panko moved to the lead in heat 3 bringing Bob Foster along and on the lead lap and after 5 heats it was Panko and Foster 2 ahead of Harrington. In the final heat there was a shake up and Mike Panko Wins with 282 laps, Bob Foster 2nd 281 and Picione 3rd 280. Tom Harrington 4th 277.168, Eric Shirey 277.077, Bob Dempsey 276. Brian McPherson 271 and Dan Myers 270.
The RETRO INVITATIONAL Main Event Eric Shirey and Bob Foster led the first heat with 37 laps. After two heats it was Marc Picione, Eric Shirey and Bob Foster tied with Mike Panko and Chris Barnes 1 back. In the 3rd heat it was Picione, Shirey and Foster tied and 3 ahead of the rest of the field. In heat 4, Gremlins struck Picione and was sidelined in the pits which left Foster and Shirey tied for the lead. Shirey was one lap ahead of Foster after the 6th heat and after 7 heats it was Foster and Shirey tied once again going into the final heat. We also had Chris Barnes, Mike Panko and Bob Dempsey in a fight of their own but 6 laps back. In the final heat it was all Shirey and Foster doing his best to catch Shirey, but the time ran out and it was Eric Shirey Winning his first ever Retro race with 289 laps with Bob Foster one back with 288. Bob Dempsey came home third with 281.339 followed by Mike Panko 281.128, Chris Barnes 282.038, Tim Baatz 275, Marc Picione 117 and Tom Harrington 8 DNF. Fastest Race Lap was Eric Shirey 4.6684 and the only driver to run in the 4.6's in the race.
All Stars B Qualifying Main..... Bud Bartos and Ross Scharf out front by 1 in heat 2. After 2 it was Scharf and Bartos leading with Terry Watson 3rd. At the halfway point it was Bartos, Scharf and Rick Stagen running 1-2-3 and it continued this way until the checkered flag with Ross Winning 289, Bartos 2nd 288, Stagen 285, Al Rutti 284, Watson 278 and Rich Attee 276. Fastest Race Lap went to Bud Bartos 4.7304 with the top 4 drivers all running in the 4.7's.
All Stars A Qualifying Main.... James Merriman leads by 1 lap over Raisin, Hershman and Custer after heat 1. In heat 2 Merriman leads by 1 over Custer. In heat 4 it was Custer and Merriman tied and 4 laps over Raisin in 3rd while Hershman, Greg Fox and Dave Simerka are struggling. After 5 Merriman is out front by 1 over Custer and after 6 James is up by 2 over Willy. In heat 7 Willy catched James both tied and Dave Simerka into 3rd. At the end it was James Winning with 294.216 a New Track Record, Willy 2nd 294.214, Raisin 288, Ron Hershman 288, Dave Simerka 287 and Greg Fox 286. All these drivers made it into the All Stars Main Event with Bud Bartos and Ross Scharf making the Main Event also. Willy Custer ran the fastest race lap of 4.6088 with Merriman, Hershman and Fox all running in the 4.6's.
The RETRO ALL STARS Main Event Merriman and Custer roll out 38 laps each in heat one to lead the field by one or more laps. James leads Willy by 1 after two heats and Merriman keeps on rolling in heat 3 to lead Willy by 3 laps. In heat 4 James over Willy by 3 and Hershman into 3rd over Simerka, Raisin, Fox, Bartos and Scharf. After 5 it was James by 4 over Willy and Hershman, Raisin and Simerka all tied for 3rd. After 7 it was Merriman out front by 7 over Custer and Hershman 1 lap behind Custer going into the final heat. Merriman ran 39 laps in the final heat to Win with 303 laps another New Track Record over Custer's 293 followed by Hershman 292.364, Raisin 292.044, Simerka 290, Bartos 288, Fox 285 and Ross 280. James also ran the fastest race lap of 4.5588 and the only driver in the 4.5's with Ron, Willy, Raisin in the 4.6's and the rest in the 4.7's.
Sunday RETRO F1/Indy INVITATIONAL and ALL STARS Invitational F1/Indy Qualifying Session had Gil Pataky on the pole with 11 laps and 239 sections over Eric Shirey's 11 laps and 150 sections. Tom Harrington was the fastest qualifying lap runner with a 4.881. All Stars F1/Indy Qualifying Session had James Merriman running 11 laps 355 sections to Bud Bartos 11.295 and James ran a 4.6553 lap to Ron Hershman's 4.6929 lap for fastest qualifying lap and the only two drivers to break into the 4.6's during the qualifying runs.
Invitational F1/Indy B qualifying main. Tom Harrington led this race "flag to flag" with Bob Dempsey on the same lap as Tom a few heats of the race. Tom Wins with 268 laps, Bob Dempsey 2nd 267 followed by Elmo Vallance 266, Ken Wehnert 260, Dennis Clark 258, Bob Summers 250 and Pops Myers 237. Fastes Race lap was ran by Elmo with a 4.8866 lap and the only driver to run in the 4.8's. Elmo Vallance won a pair of JDR tires for being the fastest qualifier in this main.
Invitational F1/Indy A qualifying main. This was the race of the weekend. The top 6 racers were on the same lap after the first heat with Bob Foster leading the tight pack. After 2 heats it was Foster and Chris Barnes leading Panko by 1. After 3 it was Barnes leading Panko by 1 and Pataky one behind Panko. After 4 it was Barnes and Panko tied with Pataky, Shirey and Foster tied and 1 back. In heat 5 it stretched out a bit between the top 5 and Barnes out front by 1. After 6 it was Barnes 1 ahead of Shirey. Going into the final heat it was Barnes out front by 5 over Panko, Pataky, Shirey and Foster all tied. At the checkered flag it was Chris Barnes Winning with 280 laps, Mike Panko 276, Gil Pataky 275, Eric Shirey 274, Bob Foster 269.355, Dan Myers 269.235 and Craig Scharfenberg 249 after lead wire troubles early but was in the hunt early in the race. Fastest race lap was Bob Foster 4.8787 with Barnes and Shirey the only drivers in the 4.8's
The RETRO INVITATIONAL F1/INDY Main Event The Invitational F1/Indy main started off with Mike Panko, Eric Shirey and Chris Barnes running 35 laps each in heat 1 with Foster and Pataky one back. After 2 it was Barnes leading Shirey by 1 and after 3 it was Barnes out front over Pataky by 3. At the halfway point it was Barnes up by 4 over Shirey and Pataky 1 behind Shirey. Shirey gets one back on Barnes who still leads by 3 after heat 5. After 6 Barnes by 4 over Shirey and Tom Harrington with Pataky and Panko one behind Shirey and Harrington. After 7 Barnes leads by 5 with Harrington, Pataky and Foster all tied with Shirey and Panko tied and one behind them going into the final heat. With it all on the line for the final podium spots in heat 8, it was Chris Barnes cruising on orange and going to the Win with 281 laps. Gil Pataky moved up to take 2nd with 277, Foster 276, Panko 275.362, Harrington 275.039, Shirey 274, Dempsey 272 and Dan Myers 265 laps. Fastest Race Lap was Chris Barnes 4.7814 and the only driver in the 4.7's.
RETRO ALL STARS F1/INDY Main Event A 9 man round robin race. Ron Hershman leads by one over Greg Fox and James Merriman after heat 1. After 2 heats it's Ron over Greg, Al Rutti and Rick Stagen by 3. After 3 it's Ron, Al, Rick and Greg followed by Rich Attee, Raisin, Terry Watson, Merriman and Bartos. Heat 6 Ron is leading Al by 5 laps and Fox is 5 behind Al. Ron leads until his sit out when Al Rutti takes the lead. Going into the final heat it was Ron and James tied for the lead. James on orange and Ron on red. James goes on to the Win with 289 laps, Ron 2nd 288, Al Rutti 3rd 280.039, Rasin 280.031, Bud Bartos 277.074, Rich Attee 277.073, Rick Stagen 275, Greg Fox 274 and Terry Watson 249. Ron Hershman ran the fastest race lap with a 4.6600 on white lane with James running a 4.6683 on blue. The only drivers to run in the 4.6's during the race.
Thanks to the following Sponsors of the Event. EVERYONE left with prizes THANKS to these GREAT Sponsors..... B&E Slotsport
Boogie Bodies
Bud's Racing Products BRP
CHR/Cap Henry Racing
Dallas Slot Cars
DiFalco Design
Fast Ones
Joe Dirt Racing
Koford Eng.
Mid-American Raceway
Mossetti Racing
Outisight Designs
Prime Racing
Pro Slot
Ralph Thorne Racing
RPM Race Cars
Sprays by Mac
Truescale Bodies
Thanks to all of the racers who attended this event. We had drivers from five states ( PA, GA, TN, IN, OH, MI ) attend and we appreciate ALL who attended.
Thanks to Ron Hershman and Dan Myers who handled Tech and Race Direction for all of the events.
Special Thanks to Debbie and Steve at RT 93 Raceway along with all of their staff and helpers. Debbie goes out of her way to put on one of the BEST "Spreads" when it comes to food and feeding everyone. Pizza on Friday, Lunch and a Full Course Meal on Sat and Pasta, Salad and Bread on Sunday along with lots of "sweets" to snack on for breakfast and throughout the day along with coffee.
Congrats to the 2015 RETRO ALL STARS and INVITATIONAL Champions...... Eric Shirey Invitational Can Am Champion, Chris Barnes Invitational F1/Indy Champion and James Merriman All Stars Can Am and F1/Indy Champion.

Ron Hershman and Tim Baatz lead the way on the 155’ Ogilvie King track at Real Speed Raceway in Ft Wayne, Indiana on Saturday April 18 marking the penultimate race on the inaugural Great Lakes Retro Series schedule.

1. Ron Hershman – 297
2. Ken Wehnert – 290
3. Steve Peppler – 288
4. Tim Baatz – 287+
5. Dale Wilson – 287
6. JP Milcherska – 284
7. Dennis Clark – 280
8. Austin Milcherska – 275
9. Lonnie Baatz – 273
10. Rick Stagen - 247


1. Ron Hershman – 291
2. Zach Holley – 273+
3. Dennis Clark – 273
4. Ken Wehnert – 272+
5. Robin Bowers – 272
6. Rick Stagen – 271
7. JP Milcherska – 267
8. Steve Peppler – 263
9. Austin Milcherska - 102
10. Dale Wilson – 55

GROUP 7-68

1. Tim Baatz – 197+
2. Ron Hershman – 193
3. Steve Peppler – 185
4. Zach Holley – 184
5. Dale Wilson - 175
6. Ken Wehnert - 164
7. Zach Woods – 154
8. Robin Bowers - 100