The on-line newsletter of the Retro ElecTric Racing Organization (RETRO)

JULY (Volume 2… Number 7)



Fourth Annual RACE OF CHAMPIONS … ‘Race for the Ring’

JULY 17-18

3404 Land Dr.
Ft. Wayne, Indiana
(266) 341-0199
155’ Ogilvie King

CLASSES: Can-Am, Formula One/Indy, World Sports Car Coupe

All classes will use Pro Slot 4002-FK motors with spec eight (8) tooth pinions


Second LEE WATSON MEMORIAL for Can-Am cars

5174 Hamilton Middletown Rd.
Hamilton, Ohio
(513) 915-8009
155’ Gerding King


Formula One/Indy: RETRO rules / ProSlot 4002-FK motor with spec 8 tooth pinion
Can-Am: RETRO rules / ProSlot 4002-FK motor with spec 8 tooth pinion
Spec LMP: Midwest Slot Car Series rules
Spec GTP: Midwest Slot Car Series rules

SAT. AUG. 22

Second Jerry Ward Memorial Race

2201 Commerce Dr.
Fremont, Ohio
(419) 937-4108
95’ American Black Royal


Formula One/Indy: RETRO rules / ProSlot 4002-FK motor with spec 8 tooth pinion
Can-Am: RETRO rules / ProSlot 4002-FK motor with spec 8 tooth pinion
GTP: Ohio Challenge Cup (OCC) rules



RETRO National Championship Point Race Number 5…


JULY 17-18

3404 Land Dr.
Ft. Wayne, IN
(266) 341-0199
155’ Ogilvie King


Contact: Ron Hershman (


WORLD SPORTS CAR (WSC) COUPE … (Pro Slot 4002-FK motor ONLY / Spec 8 tooth pinion)

FORMULA ONE/INDY … (Pro Slot 4002-FK motor ONLY / Spec 8 tooth pinion)

CAN-AM … (Pro Slot 4002-FK motor ONLY / Spec 8 tooth pinion)

This will NOT be a handout motor race as was done in previous years…


All RETRO car/body rules, procedures, guidelines and by-laws will be in effect for this event. These may be found at



Doors open at 12:00 Noon for practice
Tech for WSC Coupe race opens at 6:00 PM, with qualifying and race to follow.
Raceway will close at 11:00 PM
• Note: The WSC Coupe race will not count for points in the ‘Race for the Ring’ point totals.


Doors open at 8:00 AM for practice.
Tech for both Formula One/Indy and Can-Am will open at 9:30. Both classes will be teched at the same time. Race for the Ring championship will be determined by the best overall finish from both races.


All classes will qualify for one-minute using a best single lap format. Racers will be seeded into evenly divided mains based on qualifying times… slowest to fastest. All mains will be three minutes on / two minutes off. Mains will be ‘one and done’. There will be no ‘move-ups’. Final race results will be determined by the highest number of total laps earned in all of the mains.


FRIDAY, July 17 … $10.00 pit pass
$10.00 for WSC Coupe

SATURDAY, July 18 … $15.00 for Formula One/Indy
$15.00 for Can-Am

Lunch will be provided on Saturday…


2012 Rick Davis
2013 Dave Fiedler
2014 Willy Custer

Jul 17- 18 … Fourth RETRO RACE OF CHAMPIONS / Real Speed Raceway, Ft. Wayne, IN
Sept 19 … Fifth RETRO SUMMIT / MMW Canton, OH
Nov 27-28 … Third TEXAS TWO STEP / Dallas Slot Cars / Garland, TX


Real Speed Raceway in Ft. Wayne, Indiana will be hosting a series of RETRO races this summer on its 155’ Ogilvie King track.

Classes will include: Can-Am and Formula One/Indy both using the Pro Slot 4002-Fk motor with spec 8 tooth pinions, and World Sports Car Coupes using Pro Slot Puppy Dogs with 7 tooth spec pinions.

DATES: May 23, June 20, July 11, Aug.15, and Sept. 12

Track will be closed on Friday’s prior to race dates, and will open at 10:00 AM on race days. This is intended to be a fun series, and no points will be recorded. Use the May 23, June 20 an July 11 races as a test and tune for the July 17-18 RETRO ‘Race of Champions’ event.


Tri State Raceway ( formally TR Motorplex ) in Hamilton, Ohio was visited by Ron Hershman BRS/RETRO BOD member on July 2, 2015.
The Gerding King that has had many retro races held on it in the past has been moved three times since it was built and had signs of wear and tear and launching problems in the straight with F1 cars.
Since the move to Hamilton, Ohio, Gary Gerding came in and completely smoothed out the track and straight along with cross sanding the turns and installing new braid.
While many Tri State locals reported that track was much nicer, Ron and Terry Watson visited to race as well as run a F1 car on the track since Gary reworked the track.
We are happy to report after talking to Ron, that the track is now back in the condition as it was once when it was brand new. Ron ran several laps with a F1 car and reported no launching or the car "skipping" or "hopping" down the straight away.
The building is top notch and quite an improvement over the last location with more pit tables available and very nice ice cold air conditioning.
With 14 to 16 "locals" racing GTP on a weekly basis and all looking forward to the upcoming Summer Thunder and Lee Watson Memorial Race, there should be a good turnout and a Great Time at Tri-State Raceway on August 1, 2015.


The 2nd Annual Jerry Ward Memorial Races will be held at Fastraxxx in Fremont, Oh on Aug 22, 2015.
The Event will Honor the Late Jerry Ward and ALL Entry Fees collected WILL BE Donated to the Sandusky Cancer Center in Honor of Jerry Ward and his family.
All Races will be held on Fastraxxx's "Black Bullring" the American Royal Black Track.
The "Bullring" will have a Brand New Deck and Surface along with New Braid and the track will be in New Condition and Super Fast!!!!
This Event will serve as a Great "warm up" event for upcoming BRS West/RETRO, ORS and OCC 2015-16 events/races to be held at Fastraxxx in the upcoming season.
Entry Fees are 15.00 for the first class and 10.00 each additional class(es) and ALL entry fees collected will go to the Sandusky Cancer Center.


The RETRO American Raceways Extravaganza at Modelville Hobby


Modelville Hobby in Ashland, MA was the site of the RETRO American Raceways Extravaganza Race on June 12-13, 2015

A total of 82 entries were on hand to do battle and compete on Modelville's three American Raceways Tracks over the 2 day event. Racers came from far and near with eight states represented.

WSC Coupes were raced on Friday night with 26 entries on the American Aristocrat Hillclimb track. The track was recently installed and rebuilt by Gary Gerding making this the "finest and fastest" American Hillclimb track in the country. The track is very smooth and fast.
John Weaver was the Bob Emmott TQ Award Winner with a time of 4.183 beating out Ron Hershman's 4.209.

The C Main was run as a round robin with the lead being swapped between Rolly Lapieere Jr, Nate Bemis and Peter Lentros in the early going. At the end it was Peter Lentro Winning with 273 laps to Rolly in second with 272 laps. Third was nate Bemis 264 followed by Richard Payne 260, Nelson Swanberg 259, Mike Resnick 242, Dick Griffin 234, Don Betournay 231 and Donald Bienvenue 227.

The B Main should have been named the "Hoosier Shootout" as Rick Stagen and Dave Geehring, both from Indiana had a race long battle between themselves with Sano Dave Fiedler and Dave Panich challenging in the early going. By the half way point Rick was pulling away from Dave G and went on to Win with 277 laps with Dave Geehring in 2nd 271 laps and one lap ahead of Sano Dave's 270 laps. In fourth was Dave Panich 267 followed by Nick Ball 262, Rich Attee 259, Ken Stevens ( all the way from Texas ) 256, Bob Foster 254 and Bob Hughes 248.

The A Main was a nail biter between Dominic Luongo, Ron Hershman, John Weaver and Willy Custer the entire race. Dom was the leader for the first 3 heats until Willy Custer went to the front and a heat later it was John Weaver and Ron Hershman taking up the front spot. At the end it was John Weaver Winning with 298 laps with Ron Hershman one lap back at 297 laps and Willy Custer 3rd with 292 laps. Fourth was Dick Pelletier 283 followed by Dom Luongo 280, Ray Lee 277, Chris Childs 263 and Rob Brossman 250 laps.
The RETRO All Star Top 3 were Weaver, Hershman and Custer. The RETRO Invitational Top 3 were Pelletier, Lee and Childs.

The Overall WSC Finish AS= All Star
Weaver 298 AS
Hershman 297 AS
Custer 292 AS
Pelletier 283
Luongo 280 AS
Lee 277
Stagen 277- AS
Lentros 273
Lapierre Jr 272
Geehring 271 AS
Fiedler 270 AS
Panich 267
Bemis 264
Childs 263
Ball 262
Payne 260
Swanberg 259
Attee 259- AS
Stevens 256 AS
Foster 254
Brossman 250
Hughes 248
Resnick 242
Griffin 234
Betournay 231
Bienvenue 227

Fastest Race Lap John Weaver 4.340 High Heat 40 laps Weaver, Hershman, Custer
Concours Winner Bob Hughes

On Saturday, all action turned towards the American Black Royal and the American Purple Mile tracks.

F1 on the American Raceways Royal had John Weaver again Winning the Bob Emmott TQ Award by running a lap of 3.6819 to Ron Hershman's 3.7282.

The C Main was a "Michigan battle" between Rich Attee and Nelson Swanberg until Nelson ran into wheel troubles taking him out of contention for the win. Rich Attee was the Winner with 314 laps, Comeback Nelson 2nd with 304 laps and Dan Myers 3rd 296. In fourth was Chris Childs 291 followed by Don Betournay 290, Dick Griffin 287, Jon Foose 285, Tom Smith 280 and Larry Labounty 276.

The B Main had Rick Stagen out front early on until Ray Lee took the lead and went on to win with 332 laps to Rick's 2nd place 325 laps. Third was Bob "Woody" Hazelwood 316, Richard Payne 314, Dave Geehring 312, Rob Brossman 310, Bob Hughes 307 and Donald Bienvenue 296.

The A Main had Ron Hershman out front in the lead the first two heats with John Weaver close behind and John took the lead in the 3rd heat and went on to Victory with 358 laps with Ron in second 350 laps. Third was Willy Custer 339 laps followed by Dominic Luongo 335, Bob Foster 333, David Panich 324, Ken Stevens 321 and Nate Bemis 295.

The RETRO All Stars Top 3 was Weaver, Hershman, Custer. The RETRO Invitational Top 3 was Foster, Lee and Panich.

The F1 Overall Finish
Weaver 358 AS
Hershman 350 AS
Custer 339 AS
Luongo 335 AS
Foster 333
Lee 332
Stagen 325 AS
Panich 324
Stevens 321 AS
Hazelwood 316
Attee 314 AS
Payne 314-
Geehring 312 AS
Brossman 310
Hughes 307
Swanberg 304
Myers 296
Bienvenue 296-
Bemis 295
Childs 291
Betournay 290
Griffin 287
Foose 285
Smith 280
Labounty 276
Fastest Race Lap Ron Hershman 3.7301 High Heat N/A
Concours Winner Bob Hughes

It was finally time for the BIG SHOW...... Can Am on the Purple Mile..... the track that most had come to race on......220 feet of Go Fast racing.

James Weaver "rocked the house" with his Super Fast lap of 6.6942 for his 3rd Bob Emmott TQ Award of the weekend. Dick Pelletier was 2nd fastest with a 6.8854 time. 5 of the 31 drivers broke the 6 second barrier on the Purple Mile.

The C Main was up first...a 10 man round robin affair...... Sano Dave Fiedler, all the way from Chicago, IL and the first time he raced on a Purple Mile track was the Winner with 181 laps over Nick Ball's 170 laps. Third was Ralph Griffin 169, Rob Brossman 168, Dan Myers 164 DNF, Donald Bienvenue 162, Dick Griffin 161, Don Betournay 160, Larry Labounty 160- and Bob Hughes 157. Nate Bemis DNS.

The B Main was a race from start to finish between Ken Stevens, Rick Stagen, Rich Attee and Justin Ewell. In the end it was Ken Stevens from Texas Winning with 184 laps and 3 sections ahead of Rick Stagen's 184 and Justin Ewell's 182 laps. Fourth was Rich Attee 181 followed by Dave Geehring 176, Richard Payne 174, Chris Childs 170, David Panich 166, Bob Foster 142 DNF and Nelson Swanberg 40 DNF.

The A Main started off with Dominic Luongo, Willy Custer, Gary Clinton and Ron Hershman all tied with 25 laps. In heat 2 it was Dominic and Gary out front and by the half way point it was John Weaver in the lead. While John was stretching his lead the other top 6 drivers were in a dog fight for 2nd, 3rd, 4th, 5th and 6th places. In the end it was John Weaver Winning his third race of the weekend with 197 laps over 2nd place James Grandi's 194 and Ron Hershman's 193. Fourth was Dick Pelletier 192 followed by Gary Clinton Jr 192-, Willy Custer 191, Dominic Luongo 190, Mike "Raisin" Garrett 185, Ray Lee 178 and Roland Lapierre 163.

The RETRO All Star Top 3 was Weaver, Grandi, Hershman. The RETRO Invitational Top 3 was Pelletier, Ewell and Lee.

The Overall Can Am Finish
Weaver 197 AS
Grandi 194 AS
Hershman 193 AS
Pelletier 192
Clinton Jr 192- AS
Custer 191 AS
Luongo 190 AS
Garrett 185 AS
Stevens 184 AS
Stagen 184- AS
Ewell 182
Attee 181 AS
Fiedler 181- AS
Lee 178
Geehring 176 AS
Payne 174
Ball 170
Childs 170-
Griffin 169
Brossman 168
Panich 166
Myers 164
Lapierre 163
Bienvenue 162
Griffin 161
Betournay 160
Labounty 160-
Hughes 157
Foster 142 DNF
Swanberg 40 DNF
Bemis DNS

Fastest Race Lap John Weaver 6.968 High Heat Weaver, Hershman, Custer, Luongo, Clinton 25 laps.
Concours Winner Bob Hughes

RETRO would like to thank Richard and Suzanne Payne of Modelville Hobby and Peter Lentros of Lentros Engineering for hosting the event and providing the slot racing industry with a GREAT Place to Race. We can not thank those three enough for the time and $$$'s spent along with their energy to make Modelville Hobby one of the Great Slot Raceways in the USA!!!! The lunch spread on Saturday was fantastic along with the "pies" served on Friday night.

To Each and Everyone of you racers who attended and raced..... THANK YOU!!!! Thanks to each and everyone of you for the GREAT TIME all of us enjoyed over the weekend of events. Thanks for helping one another out when needed and for information shared. This was a key part in making this the GREAT Event it was.

Congrats to John Weaver who completed the "Sweep" of the events by TQ-ing and Winning in all three classes. Super Job John!!!

See you all next year for the 2nd annual American Extravaganza at Modelville Hobby.