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Thread: IndyCar driver Justin Wilson dies of head injury

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    IndyCar driver Justin Wilson dies of head injury


    "Rules are written by FEAR; and that Racers are motivated by the Fear that somebody may have something that gives others an Edge." - Rocky Russo

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    That is sad. Truly sad. Pray for his loved ones to get through this difficult time.

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    Horrible news

    I met Justin Wilson and he raced Scalextric slot cars in a race on a track that I set up and ran in the mall in Cleveland.

    It was a "Turbo Tour" promotional event for the Champ Car Cleveland Grand Prix, back in March 2006.

    He was a very tall & lanky young man, but very quiet, polite, friendly, and unassuming. A stark contrast from the very outgoing A.J. Allmendinger & Mario Dominguez. It was especially fun to see the two Brits, Justin and Katherine Legge, having fun sparring with A.J. & Mario... just like any other "kids" their age having fun racing slot cars. The two Brits were naturals, having grown up racing Scalextric, in spite of all the boasting by A.J. & Mario. Katherine won the race and Justin was TQ & placed 2nd, even though Mario claimed the victory in the TV interviews.

    From Milwaukee, it was time for a short flight to Cleveland where drivers competed against each other as well as some lucky fans in slot cars. The race organizers in Cleveland set up a large slot-car track in the downtown Galleria Mall, designing a circuit that mimicked the 2.2-mile circuit at nearby Burke Lakefront Airport. The drivers conducted media interviews while not racing, and a scant two hours later it was time to get back in the air.

    "The slot car track was amazing," said PKV Racing driver Katherine Legge. "It was incredible how similar the track was to the real thing at the airport where we landed. We even had some crashes in Turn 1 on the starts so you know it was authentic."
    quoted from: http://www.motorsport.com/indycar/ne...-three-report/

    I have pictures from the event somewhere... I'll have to find them...

    Here was my post about the event... but unfortunately no pictures:

    What a horrible tragedy, for auto racing... as well as for his family, friends, and the many fans who followed him. He was a highly respected and well liked driver by his peers, and will be sorely missed. At just 37... much too young.


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    R.I.P., Justin.
    Let me know if you want to know my real name... it's not "Tex". LOL


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