Time to head to Pacific Coast Hobbies once more to challenge each other on the King Cobra!

This Saturday, September 19th. Come on down!

Doors open at noon, racing starts at 2 PM. There are four classes (we may or may not run all four).

1) JK F1/Indy cars, RTR box stock.

2) JK LMP cars, SCALE LMP/GT1 bodies, C11/C21/C24 chassis, Falcon 7 or Hawk 7 motor, .750 (min) rears. You can also run Foster GTS cars, GTS bodies (Corvette, Saleen S7, Panoz, etc), Flexi chassis, SEALED UNMODIFIED SpeedFX 16D motors, .750 (min) rears.

3) Retro Can-Am cars: Can-Am bodies (Lola T160, March 707, Ti22, etc), brass & wire inline chassis, Falcon, TSRF or Retro Hawk motors, SCRRA specs for wheels and clearances.

4) Retro coupe: Coupe bodies from 1960s/70s sports/endurance racing (Porsche 908, GT40, Lola T70, Ferrari 330, etc), Champion Turboflex chassis, Falcon 7 or Hawk 7, .750 (min) rears.

All cars should include a painted 3D driver, three numbers (please, not scribbled on with a Sharpie), and should represent actual cars (no thingies). Small rear spoilers are allowed on Can-Am cars, no other added aero devices allowed. Bodies with non-realistic aerodynamic "improvements" are discouraged.

See you there!

Steve Walker