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Thread: Drag Racing Motor Open G7 more magnets are better? or not?

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    Drag Racing Motor Open G7 more magnets are better? or not?

    Does a large amount cobalt magnet motor work in drag racing? like a 6 , 10 , 20 , 24 magnet open motor or it is just a waste? or not needed? thanks.
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    I going on what a very good pro has told me in regards to multi mag cobalt motors.So please take this into consideration as I'm just getting back into things since taking a break around 01-02.

    I would say anything much more than 6-10 is a waste.
    What I was told is with 27's and 7's once you get past a certain point the benefit from more mags is cooler running and more dependability from it.In drag racing this isnt a issue like it is with a wing car and that is why I'm assuming I've seen very few crazy multi mag 7's in dragsters.Other than from guys using old wing car race motors.

    There is even a chance that there's a point where more mags could even be worse for drag racing.But I dont know and would like to hear more from those that know themselves.


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