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Thread: Tire Truer Question

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    Tire Truer Question

    I was thinking of getting a tire truer, but I was wondering what size power supply I would also need to run it? Anybody with experience on the subject feel free to reply. Thanks in advance!

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    All of the armature and tire grinders that I have seen use a "RC stock class 550 series" motor. They do draw more power than the typical C-can slot motor. Usually these need to run at 5 - 6 volts and more than 6 - 8 amps for good performance. Most recycled computor power supplies are not up to the task and most quality slot car supplies are. A voltage control is important so that spinning the part too fast will give a poor/erratic finish.
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    Trigger man used to sell a 5V fixed power supply. Don't know if he still has them but they work great and I still use mine. Small, light weight, and it was under $50 if I remember right..... it was a long time ago.
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    Any variable voltage will do, really want to do finishing truing on 4-5v slowly, so tyres don't get hot and centrifugal force doesn't distort it
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