The Inaugural Buckeye Steel Speedfest will be held March 11-13, 2016 and hosted by Mark Kitto's MMW Raceway in Canton, Ohio home of the Gerding G-19 155' King track.

Mark your calendars NOW for this Major 2016 Event/Race.
Five classes will be raced in Ohio's return of a Major Event for Stamped Steel cars along with Group F Wing Cars.

Racers from other parts of the U.S. have already marked this event on their calendars and are planning on attending.

Four classes of Stamped Steel will be raced: Production LMP, GT-1 Group 10, GTP Production and GTP Group 10. A very simple Rules Formula has been created to easily "cross over" and race in any and all of the classes with simple body and motor changes. A racer could easily run one chassis in four races and then changing bodies and motors for the applicable classes. Many racers around the country have already expressed interest in this event due to these simple rules for the classes.

Group F Wing Cars have been added being it's a very popular class at MMW and another inexpensive class to run. It will also serve as a "warm up" race for the 2016 Group F World Championships to also be held at MMW in April 2016.

The Tentative Schedule
Friday March 11, 2016
Practice starting at Noon until 11 PM All Day Pit Pass $ 10.00
Saturday March 12, 2016
Raceway Open at 8 AM
Qualifying and Racing for Production LMP, GT-1 Group 10 and Production GTP
Entry Fees $ 15.00 for the 1st class and $ 10.00 per each additional class.
Sunday March 13, 2016
Qualifying and Racing for GTP Group 10 and Group F
Entry Fees $ 15.00 for 1st class and $ 10.00 per each additional class.
Look for plenty of Food on all three days as Mark really knows how to feed a crew of people