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Thread: Marty Stanley - RIP

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    Marty Stanley - RIP

    It is with a heavy heart weighed down by sadness and a sense of loss that I must inform y’all that after his long battle with cancer, Marty Stanley (aka “fl_slotter”) died today.

    I really want to say something nice here, but I’m just running out of words that seem to have any validity or meaning. Damnit, I’m really getting sick and tired of these posts…

    But I wish all of you could have been there when Marty and I would just have more fun than can be imagined just playing with our slot cars, like a pair of kids. But that was one thing we both understood, this silly little hobby of ours lets us be kids again, and that makes it not so silly, doesn’t it? But, God, we had fun!

    I’m done. That just took it all out of me. Time to hold on to some memories and…


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    So sorry to hear of your loss.

    Life can be a real b1tch at times.

    Take care.

    "Rules are written by FEAR; and that Racers are motivated by the Fear that somebody may have something that gives others an Edge." - Rocky Russo

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    R.I.P., Marty.

    My contact with Marty was with a group of geeks who started a little e-mail group. Marty, Rick, Duffy, myself and a couple of others. Basically, we tried to outdo one another using the biggest, longest most pretentious words to describe the most mundane little detail of our scratchbuilts. I eventually had to drop out when I'd get home from work and find 25+ e-mails from that day alone... it would take me a couple hours to go through them all and reply where appropriate. But it was great fun.

    Cya 'round, Marty... eventually.
    Let me know if you want to know my real name... it's not "Tex". LOL


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