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Thread: Garvic's - Slowest cars on track

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    Garvic's - Slowest cars on track

    I saw this Garvic on sale on ebay and it reminded me of back in the mid/late 60's when these things were the slowest cars on the track.
    They were a cheap car for a Dad to buy his son and go racing, but they didn't handle at all and they were very very slow.

    They were always slowing the fast racers down and getting in the way, so we used to nerf them over the high bank. Was fun watching them fly !
    Also sometimes when they were in the high bank, we would short out the lane using a quarter across the braids. That would make their car stop in the high bank and the car would hang down into the lower lane. Then the person in the lower lane would come around and hit them full blast..

    Anyone else have any memories they would like to share about these cars?

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