Many thanks to all racer who race with PMP chassis when I was the manufacture.I stop to race but the PMP chassis is not close Michael Colvin is the bew owner of the company.
Thanks to James Cleave(first international win Germans Masters),Paul Pedersen,Dustyn Wade,Jaime Campos,Jorge Cruz,Lee Palmer.,Greg Gilbert,Jim Dalton,Balistic Bob and is son Chris,all the British people who race with me Gibbo, Brian Saunders(ohh the LIFE),Richard Mack,woody ...... ,Gugu from Brasil Tonda from CZ and all the other race i race and the Colvin family(Justin and Michael) for all the suport in America,the last but not the least Mr Quim Loureiro for designe the new open gr12 and the gt12 Ulisses Relvas version.Good races ....
All the best
Pedro Mizarela