Official Worlds Classes will be Ran From May 18-22
However We will have additional Ceramic Classes The Weekend of May 11th-15th

Official Schedule
Raceway will open at 8am, Racing Starts and 12pm Noon
Wed May 18th-G27 LITE-Spray Glue
Thursday May 19th-G27-Spray Glue
Friday May 20th-Open Practice till 7pm, Followed by Dinner
Saturday May 21st-OMO-Glue
Sunday May 22nd-G7 -Glue

*Please Note that Regular G27 Will be Raced in Spray Glue*

Wednesday May 11th-FCR Lexan Nascar Retro Hawk
Thursday May 12th-GP10
Friday May 13th-Retro Can Am
Saturday May 14th-OM 12, Hillbilly Box-Raceway Opens 7am-OM G12 Spec Tires
Sunday May 15th-OM 15 Am & Pro, Pro 15-Raceway Opens 7am-OM 15 Spec Tires

*OM Box will NOT be USRA Rules, it will be our Current NEUSRA One Motor Box Rules*
Any Box Chassis 72 Grams
Am Box Motors-No Shunt Wire, BB only in Can
Spec Tires Provided by Raceway
Restricted Gears Ration 9/43/44, 8/38/39

Any More Info Please Contact us Bauer
Hotel Info to come