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Thread: Ultra-Rare 1 of 1 Aurora HMS "Deco-Study" Tuff-Ones 1969 Prototypes.

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    Ultra-Rare 1 of 1 Aurora HMS "Deco-Study" Tuff-Ones 1969 Prototypes.

    For Sale: Ultra-Rare 1 of 1 Aurora HMS "Deco-Study" Tuff-Ones 1969 Prototypes.
    These two Aurora HMS "Deco-Study" Tuff-Ones 1969 Prototypes were found near Willow Grove, Pennsylvania. Willow Grove, PA was the home of the HMS Asscociates Co. Toy Design Studio. They did Prototype toys and Toy Scaled Blueprints for Aurora, Mattel, and Ideal toy companies and others just to name a few. These two Aurora HMS "Deco-Study" Tuff-Ones 1969 Prototypes were created by Ken Hill and Andy Yanchus. They are the REAL DEAL. NO BS. "Deco-Study" cars were cars that were Factory Hand Painted and Hand Airbrushed cars to get an idea of what a car would look like in a certain design or certain color before it went into actual production. These two cars are the only "known" HMS Hand Painted/Hand Airbrushed Tuff-Ones Ford GT and Tuff-Ones Willys Prototypes that have ever surfaced. They have been verified by myself and a handful of other 30+ year Aurora Collectors/Dealers that are very well known. The last time that prototypes very similar to these came up for sale was back in 2003 at a Aurora Ken Hill Prototype auction. They sold between $2500-$3500 for each car of this caliber. I am selling these as a pair as they belong together, so I won't split them up...so don't even ask. They will be sold as a pair as they belong together. I am currently entertaining serious offers for both cars. Both cars are in amazing shape for being 45+ years old and being Hand Airbrushed and detailed. They are truly a piece of Aurora History and belong in a Aurora Slot car book someday. E-mail me at NEFaurora@aol.com for more specifics, details and scans if you are interested in making a serious offer for them. These are for the SERIOUS Aurora Collector ONLY obviously. Thank You.

    About my background: My name is Tony K. and I am a 35+ year Aurora Collector. My uncle worked for Aurora from 1966 to 1977 and was the first assistant to Abe Shikes (Aurora President). All of the big East Coast Collectors/Dealers know who I am. I originate from Long Island, New York (Home of Aurora), and moved to Florida in 2004.
    E-mail: NEFaurora@aol.com
    Thanks again, Tony K.

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    Tony where are the pics for these?

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    Tony evidently hosted his pics at Photobucket and when they chopped the ability to link stored pics to third-party sites like OWH, unless you 'subscribed' for a bit less than $400 a year, this is what they caused.



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