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Thread: Bearing questions,whats good,wear,how long do you guys run them? and so on

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    Bearing questions,whats good,wear,how long do you guys run them? and so on

    Hi,most everything I used to race ran bushings but now it is all ball bearings and I am wondering when its time to retire or replace them.

    On axle bushings I actually thought they got better as time went on to a point and only replaced them when they had slop in them.Are bearings the same?are they going to get sloppy or start to sound gritty first?

    On a top level Int 15 and 27L axle bearings how many races do you guys go?2-3,5-7 or do you wait until they make some noise or feel a little rough.

    And what about motor bearings?they spin even faster so I'm guessing they take even more of a beating.I plan on checking them when swapping arms after a race but roughly how long do they go for?What should I be looking for so they dont buy the farm in the middle of a heat.

    Since I've been away every has gone up it seems except for bearings.I may be wrong but they seem cheaper now than before.
    Surely quality has suffered or is there another reason.
    What should I be looking for in a good set?and is it better to spend more to get better ones and run them longer or just get cheapo's and replace them often?


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    Every time I do a motor rebuild I check for play in bearings . There should be none . Same goes for axle bearings . Any play in bearing at all and it gets replaced . I found the ProSlot bearings to be good quality and the best value for your money . Hard for me to say how long they last for as I have so many motors I can't keep a tab on that. The can bearing is the most often replaced bearing so it pays to have spares .

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    I would avoid any ball bearings that are not Stainless Steel. Mild steel ones rust faster and ceramic ones can chip and crack at the worst times. Use acid flux cautiously and neutralize it when installing pinions.
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