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Thread: ATTENTION ORS-KOR Traveling Racers

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    ATTENTION ORS-KOR Traveling Racers

    In an attempt to get more racers to travel to other venues other than their home raceway we will run a raffle for exceptional prizes for all who qualify.

    Each racer will commit to a home raceway the first event they enter. After that every race they travel too up to a limit of 6 total they will receive an entry for that event and an additional for each class they enter. Min of 2 entries per event and a maximum of 4 per event. Anyone who does 6 traveling races will get an additional 6 entries in the final. So you can get 30 chances to win the prizes. Any racers from outside the ORS boundaries will also be able to enter, like Raisin, Boogie, etc.

    The prize drawings will be held at the last event of the year,need not be present to win, but it would be nice if you were.

    Being as all the prizes are exceptional there will not be any 1st thru whatever ranking,the ranking will be by random draw the day of the event.

    Drum roll the pieces so far:

    MMW Custom Box, check Willy Custer's to see the quality

    3 Noose custom bodies painted in ORS scarlet and gray colors, bodies will be awarded individually

    4 Steve Koepp custom bodies painted as above also awarded individually

    Jersey John F-1 chassis

    Bud Bartos Can-Am chassis

    Josh Crutchfield chassis type to be determined

    Tony P Anglewinder chassis

    Trinity power supply

    Possible more to be available later in the year, Will post pictures of all prizes when we have them all in hand

    Big thanks to all the contributors above to help make the ORS better. Bill Fulmer

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    Here the bodies I donated.

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