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Thread: "Flex-Rite" tweak board from Samson Classics

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    "Flex-Rite" tweak board from Samson Classics

    Here's something primarily for Retro racers, but it has applications in other scales and classes too:

    Those of you who have raced RC cars in the past will recognize this as a "tweak board". Its purpose is to show up twist or tweak from left to right in a non-suspension frame. Tweak is what contributes in large measure to a car pulling to one side under braking, or being more prone to de-slotting in on turn direction than the other.

    The "Flex-Rite" is the first tweak board to be sized specifically for slot cars. It is adjustable for wheelbase all the way up to 4.5" for Nascar, and all the way down to about 2" to accommodate any length of 1/32 scale car, as long as the rear of the guide is ahead of the front axle centerline by more than 1/4".

    Width-wise, the Flex-Rite has centering lines for 2/5", 3", 3.125" and 3.25" widths to accommodate most classes.

    The tool is sold as a kit, with some assembly required:

    There will be both assembly instructions and directions for use included.

    Kits are available right now direct from me, and they are available to bona-fide raceways at regular raceway discount.

    Retail price is $45.95 plus shipping.

    Contact me via PM here or at samsonclassics@gmail.com

    Thanks for looking!
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    Great tool, I love mine!
    Matt Sheldon


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