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Thread: Fastest Slotcar Track In America

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    Fastest Slotcar Track In America

    Slotcars R Us The Track is Now The Fastest Slotcar Track in America.The 1st Track in America to go 1.397
    Thanks to Mr Brad Friesner
    Tracy Brown, Owner of:
    Go Fast Products - Slot Cars-R-Us "The Track"
    Visit Go Fast HERE!
    Visit our NEW Slot Cars-R-Us "The Track"!

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    Thanks for providing such an amazing track and facility!!! You sure did put on a great show!

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    Tracy, the track was great as always and the facility is awesome you definitely put on a heck of a show down there and we all appreciate what you do even if we do complain about certain things. Just remember deep down we do appreciate it.
    Give me my glue bottle!!!!!!!!!![B]


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