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Thread: Help Identifying strombecker cars

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    Help Identifying strombecker cars

    Hope some one can help me here, I have 4 strombecker slot cars 2 with the motor and 2 with out. I have looked everywhere online and cant find any with this type of motor. I have seen lots of cars that look the same but the inside of the shell is different. I believe they are 1/32 scale they are 5 1/4 inches I have attached some pictures. Thanks
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    These cars are " homeset" cars that came with the " thunderbolt Race set" which had banked turns and a narrower lane spacing than other Strombecker tracks also track color was a grey color. I have the set . They came with 2 complete cars and the extra shells so you could change Cars so to speak by popping motor in other body and running laps with it that way.


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