After a cold and wet start to the day it was 25 racers showed to compete on the G-19 King at MMW Canton Ohio. 1st up ORS KOR Retro Anglewinder with 14 entries qualifying was run. TQ Greg Mayer with a 3.889. Concours Mike Gerbetz, Tom Espinosa, Thom Greene, 1 2 3.
B main winner a 210,11 Jason Echelbarger, 2nd Do Doughtery, 209.04, 3rd Thom Greene 205.08.
A main Greg Mayer 1st at 229.01, 2nd Rick Starkey 223.08, 3rd Ralph Middaugh 213.09

Next up Can-Am and F-1 qualifying with 19 entries each. Cn-Am TQ Greg Fox 4.131, F-1 TQ Greg Mayer 4.223. Can Am Concours Earl Graybill, Rick Starkey, Thom Greene, 1 2 3 F-1 Concours Mike Gerbetz, Earl Graybill, Rick Starkey.1 2 3

Can Am B main 1st at 307.06 Mike Gerbetz, 2nd Ralph Middaugh 306.08, 3rd Dave Doerschuk 297.07
A Main 1st Greg Fox 332, 2nd Shadow 319, 3rd Rick Starkey.

F-1 B main 1st Dan Ebert 306.04 2nd Ralph Middaugh 306.02, 3rd Denny Krivacek 294.10.
A Main Greg Mayer at 321.06, Greg Fox 320.07, Jason Dennis 315.02.

Next Race at MMW Feb 15 for the Cindy McMasters Benefit race and Raffle!

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