Twelve days until we are back at Chicagoland Raceway for race #4 of our 5 race series.

Usual classes;
JRL, OP12, lunch, ES24 and B Production

Doors open at 7:30am with JRL tech closing at 9:30.

This will be our last race of the season @ Chicagoland Raceway. We had a great turnout last month with some really good racing, so lets make an even bigger effort to attend this month and thank Mike for always providing us with a great place to race with 1st rate race directing and commentary.

Even more importantly, thank him for providing us every race with Duncan Donuts or Jackie's most delicious brownies.

If possible, please try to attend on Friday to help run in the lanes and do a little testing. It will be much appreciated!

See everyone on Saturday 3/4, bring a friend!