I recently learned of the death of an old friend and Northeast racing legend Andy DiFranco.

Andy hadn't raced in recent years due to the illness that eventually took him, but will be remembered fondly as a colorful member of our group for many years. Andy was one of the first people I met when I started racing in the mid 80s and became an instant friend.

There are many funny stories of Andy's humor and mannerisms that still circulate today, in fact while skimming this forum, he's ironically remembered in other memorial threads here. He was actually the one who shot the magnet hone across the room that stuck into the wall as mentioned in the Carl Rackoff thread. It happened more than once as I remember.

Andy's Italian wise guy persona hid a warm side that only those close to him knew.

He was without question the most unintentionally, hysterically funny person I've ever had the pleasure of knowing.

We traveled to many races together, ate many late night meals together and I will miss him.

He was very devoted to his mother, who is still alive and well into her 90s now and is survived by a sister.

Rest well Andy and wherever you are, make those around you laugh as you did all of us for so long.