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Thread: Maryland Slot Racing Series @ The Track ,Gaithersburg MD

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    Maryland Slot Racing Series @ The Track ,Gaithersburg MD

    Maryland Slot Racing Series @ The Track

    The Track Raceway in Gaithersburg , MD will hold a warm up race for the Maryland Slot Racing Series on April 29th, for the return of 4.5 Stock car along with Formula 1/Indy. This will not be counted as a points race. Date for the first points series will be announced soon. This race series will be sponsored by Ralph Thorne Racing. There will be prizes and plaques awarded to the racers. Below are the rules/format for the classes that will be run.

    4.5 Stock Car : 3 minutes on 2 minutes off

    Chassis : Any stamped steel flexi 4.5 chassis. No light pans. 3/32nd axles. No Hollow axles. You may adjust the height of the oilites in the chassis. No ball bearings. You may add bracing. Lead weight/tape allowed. You may run pin tubes. Chassis may not be modified from its original shape.

    Motor : Unsealed FK or Hawk 6 motor. You may change brushes and springs. No ball bearings in either the can or endbell. Chinese stock arm only. No american arms allowed. No shunts allowed. Copper hardware allowed. You may solder in bushing in can or glue.

    Body : Parma 1055B only. Must have 3 numbers ( Roof , both doors ) Must have a 3d painted interior. Front wheel wells must be cut out. Lexan/tape is allowed. Must cut bodies on line. No wedging of bodies. Please leave a 1/8 inch front and rear bumper. No added aero or diaplanes allowed.

    Gear : Any pitch as long as it does not hang below chassis

    Tires : Any Rear tire no minimum rear tire size. Front tires must be .750 x 3/8. Also may be clear coated

    Formula 1/ Indy : 3 minutes on 2 minutes off.

    Chassis : Any stamped steel formula 1 / Indy chassis. No ball bearings allowed in chassis. Oilites only. 3/32nd axles. No hollow axles. Guide bracing is allowed. Upright bracing is allowed. 3 inches of piano wire allowed anywhere else on the chassis. Lead weight , and tape is allowed. Minimum rear clearence is .063. Chassis may not be modified from its original shape.

    Motor : Unsealed FK motor. You may change the brushes and springs as well as hardware. Chinese armatures only. No American arms. No ball bearings in the can or endbell. No shunts allowed. You may solder or glue the bushing in the can of motor.

    Body : Bodies must have 3 numbers located anywhere you wish. Bodies allowed are Jk6101 - Jk6118 - JK61152B - RFSC29C - RFSC35C. You may add tape/lexan.

    Gear : Any pitch gears as long as the gear does not hang below the chassis.

    Tires : Any rear tire allowed. Front tire minimum .600 x .300. No ball bearing fronts.

    This race series will be a 10 race event series. Tech will start at 11:30 and the first race will start at 12:00. There will be a concourse before each race. You will be allowed 2 drop for this series. Please contact me or Tim if you have any questions. Make sure to visit Ralph Thorne Racing at his site
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    Sounds like a great series with a great sponsor.

    Best of luck to you all...


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