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    Hello all!

    Been a lurker for awhile- took the plunge and joined, hoping to learn a lot, and look forward to getting to know all of you.

    I have been interested in slot cars for a long time- and currently have a 4 lane Carrera 1:32/ 1:24 digital set up.

    I am considering expanding and commercializing based on that system. I'm in Arizona- haven't found much in the way of slot cars and enthusiast here (been looking!) I want to do a mobile system, to do events, with a very cool twist I am in the process of developing ( more on than when I get it working!)

    I have about 2.2 million questions- so I hope there is someone willing able to help on that.

    As for me, I'm a retired Seabee (retired in 2010, after 22 yrs Active) I a dad to four of the coolest little munchkins I have ever laid eyes on, and I endeavor to be a good husband to my awesome wife who puts up with my insanity. currently, I'm an engineering test driver and evaluator for a major automotive conglomerate- but being my own boss is beckoning me.

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    Welcome to the exciting world of Slot Car Racing. It's addicting

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