Just off the A425, outside of Staverton, is a club where one of Britain’s lesser known subcultures can thrive.

Daventry Miniature Race Cars is home to a dozen slot-car and Scalextric tracks, where young and old can compete for the fastest lap time.

Sean Unit, 56, who co-owns the club with 24-year-old Karl Shingler, had just returned from a slot car festival where he set up a stand with one of his tracks.

“It’s amazing the following it has, and the different age groups too,” said Sean. “We had as many kids on the track at the weekend as we did adults, which was great.”

“There is nothing else like it, it’s unusual.”

Visitors to Daventry Miniature Race Cars will find a mezzanine packed with a range of race tracks suited to different levels of ability. Immediately your attention is caught by the club track.

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