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    JK Products

    Dear racers and raceway owners,
    JK Products® (JK) would like to thank the many racers and raceway owners who have supported our involvement in USRA racing in the past. Unfortunately, JK believes that the USRA is now so corrupt that we can no longer support the organization.

    As of today, we are renouncing the company’s membership In USRA and withdrawing all its products and support. It is acknowledged that this is a very serious action and we hope racers will understand this action is not being taken lightly.

    The final straw was the national director’s refusal to allow approval of the C43 Aeolos chassis despite the unanimous approval of the scale division director, the scale technical director, the assistant scale technical director, and the majority vote of the product approval committee; the national director remains the only one opposed. We believe his highly selective interpretation of USRA rules is often incorrect and unfairly biased against JK.

    This action is not taken solely due to the national director’s veto of the C43. JK has worked to try to remedy the situation within the USRA but it quickly became clear that USRA is not being run for the benefit of the racers. Sincere apologies to all racers inconvenienced by what JK views as a necessary action, and for the long term good of the industry.

    JK Products® remains firmly dedicated to supporting the raceway owners, racers, and the slot car industry, as you will see in the coming weeks, months, and years.

    The PDF can be found here:


    Jeff Strause

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    Common sense should have prevailed in this situation, it may still, but I wouldn't hold my breath. I've been after the USRA ,for years, to fix several typos in the rule book and to clarify some ambiguous rules but no response. Now they poke the cage of one of the most popular manufactures and got bit. I hope they're satisfied.
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    JK Products has been the best slot car manufacturer over the last ten plus years. Products for all racers no matter the skill level.

    The USRA is wrong in this and it is noted....
    CK DaBoer

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