While it has been posted elsewhere and the questioning about the Mossetti Patriot and it's legality in the USRA Scale Division, here is the explanation.

The Mossetti chassis are "connected" using a brass or stainless tube which are retained into the chassis with using simple body pins.

The chassis was submitted using this system of connecting the center sections and pans and for 2017 this was the only way to use a Mossetti chassis in USRA.

The connector tube is not a "bite bar" nor does it fall under the USRA Stamped Steel Specifications as a bite bar. Mossetti has marketed and labeled the tubes as "Connector Tubes" since the release of their chassis.

This system of using a connector tube was used on the Mossetti Titan chassis many years ago and was approved by the USRA at the time it was submitted many years ago. No rules have been voted in place at any time in regards to "connector tubes".

The Mossetti MR-1051 Retaining Clip is now USRA legal to use as a "replacement" for the body pins that are used in the connector tubes. This was proposed and voted on at the 2017 USRA Scale Nats so it's legal to use as a replacement for the body pins that are used to retain the chassis connector tube in the chassis. The retaining clip is not a bite bar nor could it be used as a bite bar.

As far as the question/comment made elsewhere:

"What are the rules concerning retainers?"

"There isn't any, because until the Mossetti, bite bars didn't need retainers."

There are no rules concerning retainers at this time. Flexi type chassis over the years have been "connected" by various ways. Champion chassis are connected by a "cotter key", past JK chassis were connected with a screw and nut and some Parma chassis were connected using the front axle.

On chassis that were connected with a round connecting bar or front axle there were rules at the time that specified that the "springs" or "collars" that held and kept the connecting bars/front axles could be soldered or glued.

So yes, there has been many USRA approved chassis in the past that were held together or connected using "retainers" or a retainer type system and with specific rules in regards to the retainers used.

Another comment made:

"So we are looking at a situation where the multi bend retainer on the Mossetti is OK, but the multi bends, integrated on the JK bite bar, that act only as the retainer, somehow isn't?"

The current USRA rules on the bite bar clearly states "no bends". As the comment states; multi bends integrated on the JK bite bar, is not USRA legal at this time. While the bite bar with bends may retain the bite bar in the chassis due to it's bends, it's still not legal per the current rules due to it's having bends.

There was a proposal to allowed bent style bite bars, but it was not voted on, as the person writing and submitting the proposal was not present at the Scale Nats as the USRA By Laws require.

Final comments made:

" PS- the current 2017 USRA Rule Book states;
MR-1052 as a replacement to the brass tube on the Approved Mossetti Chassis

That sure sounds like the chassis is approved with the brass tube.

If it wasn't, wouldn't the wording "required" before "replacement"?

or some other rhethroic, making it clear, only the steel tube is approved/legal?"

Yes the Mossetti chassis was submitted and approved using the brass tube. The stainless steel replacement tube was also approved at the same time.

The rules are clear and correct. Racers may use either the brass or stainless replacement tube as long as both the required .062 diameter clearly defined and written in the rules. Both are legal and approved and it's racers choice as to using either the brass tube that comes in the chassis or replacing and using the optional purchase stainless tube.

The only tubes that are required to use in the Mossetti, are the .062 dia brass or stainless steel tubes. No other dimensional or sized tubes can be used in the Mossetti chassis nor can the tubes be replaced by using a steel bite bar with retainers.

Simply put, if any other chassis MFG wanted to use a tube and body pin system similar to the Mossetti chassis, versus a bite bar ( straight or bent ), it probably would be USRA approved as long as all other Stamped Steel Specs are followed by the MFG's.

We hope this explanation clears up the questions posted elsewhere.


Roger Schmitt
USRA National Director
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