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Thread: USRA Resignation Scale Tech Director

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    USRA Resignation Scale Tech Director

    For the past several years I feel that there has been reasonable progress made in the USRA as evident by the number of racers and entries in the recent national scale events. The Scale Director, Matt Bruce has taken a very logical approach toward solving some of the many problems and inconsistencies that plague the current rule book. The approach was simple - work with the tech directors, racers, manufactures and raceways to find a solution that made sense to as many people as possible. At times, difficult decisions had to be made for the betterment of the hobby; decisions were not taken lightly and were throughly discussed. We would flesh out as many or the pros and cons that we could think of and only after weighing out the options carefully, present the solution. Were we perfect? I am sure not, but as a GROUP we always strived to be so.
    Currently the National Director seems to have his own agenda in mind. He seemingly does not care about looking for solutions by discussing the options and coming to a reasonable conclusion.
    Two major decisions have been made in recent months (WITHOUT consensus) about the legality of products. The first was the immediate removal of Cahoza motors from the approved products list. There was no phasing them out over the course of a few years, as was done with other manufactures, just an immediate removal. There was very little discussion; basically he stated he was going to take them off the list, and then they were gone. The second and most recent decision was the denial of the latest JK chassis submission. In a nut shell, the current rules prohibit a RACER bending the stock bite bar but say nothing about the manufacture designing a chassis with a bent bite bar. The racer must use the stock bite bar. Clearly the wording in the rule book could be less nebulous, BUT there is nothing wrong with the JK chassis as submitted.
    It has become abundantly clear that my current position of Scale Tech Director is not needed since clearly the National Director has things completely under control. I am therefore putting in my resignation as Scale Tech Director immediately.
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    Both you and Matt are quality individuals and we have been fortunate to have had you both. Thank you for your efforts.
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