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Thread: Race around the Monaco Grand Prix in a slot car

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    Race around the Monaco Grand Prix in a slot car


    By Paul Keith

    Welcome to fabulous Monte Carlo where local residents Max Verstappen and Daniel Ricciardo guide us around the Monaco Grand Prix circuit – in a slot car model of their Red Bull Racing RB13s.

    In fact the whole prinicipality has been recreated with Carrera slot car tracks and a lot of cardboard: in fact everything you need to stage your home grand prix in your own home.

    Sainte-Dévote, Mirabeau, Tabac, Loews hairpin, the tunnel, Swimming Pool, Rascasse and Antony Noghès – Monaco is packed full of legendary locations which have been carefully recreated with cardboard and illuminated with neon signs.

    On the way around the track, the drivers reveal what makes Monaco such an iconic race and what makes it uniquely different from every other F1 grand prix.

    There’s also tributes to past greats like Graham Hill and Ayrton Senna, a stop at the designer outlets and a quick spin around Casino Square, before we head to the Red Bull Energy Station floating on the azure waters of Monaco Harbour.

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    First Practice is only a couple of hours away and I am going to miss watching it live cos' it is Club night tonight and we will be racing our little toy cars

    Still, I will be able to watch it later when I get home.

    Go Kimi.............................................. .

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    That is quite clever.
    "Ever onward."

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