Just posting for JK to show complete transparency in this matter!

Posted Today, 03:42 PM

I would like to thank all the current scale (Division 2) directors for their honesty and hard work trying to improve the USRA for everyone. Unfortunately, their efforts have been repeatedly blocked on many levels by Roger Schmitt, the current National Director and by virtually all accounts, his unelected associate Ron Hershman. Hershman was regularly and directly involved in private board of director’s discussions. This is the very same person that was expelled from the IRRA board of directors.

This corrupt leadership situation resulted in JK Products® withdrawing from the USRA, and now every current and incoming scale director has resigned in protest against the manner in which the USRA has been and still is being run.

Current 2016 Scale Officers

Division Director, Matt Bruce – resigned

Technical Director, Jason Hooper – resigned

Assistant Technical Director, Jon Madtes – resigned

Incoming 2017 Scale Officers

Division Director, Rob Voska – resigned

Technical Director, Jon Madtes – resigned

Assistant Technical Director, Jonathan Forsythe – resigned

These are some of the finest people in the hobby.

After speaking with many of them, the primary source of their frustration was directed at the national director Roger Schmitt and the unelected Ron Hershman.

It appears to me that scale racing in some ways needs a reboot and a new way forward.

(I tried to post the same in OWH but my account is being blocked until approved by a moderator.)

Tim Homola
JK Products