I don't post often ,but with all that I've seen with this usra bull**** ,if a product that is available to commerical tracks should be able to run at any race ,damn we support the local tracks to keep this hobby going and the usra wants to sit down jk to be able to run so now you are saying the host track push to sell **** they are not see to run for this once a year event ?!?!?!?! People need to mount up and get **** done for this cause way things are looking not to much going good except for people that like what they want instead of going out of their boundaries and try to push themself ,instead of taking the easy road of what's comfortable to them ,so hopefully next eyars nats will include what shops have in there inventory ,will I be able show that ,that's what we have instead of stressing out owners that would love to have this event ,will I be able to go back east next for this event hell no ,but I'm just hoping the shops that want it stand up lil bit instead of giving in to bull****