I recently picked up an old classic manta ray it's in awesome shape even the tires feel pliable and the motor seems like it has a lot of power. I took it to the local hobby shop because I don't have a 124th Scale Track they have a router track it's smooth but has a lot of rubber on it. I had to bring the car down to almost a crawl to get it to go around any of the turns without doing a 360 except for the high Bank turn, so I couldn't really get any decent lap times out of it. Also it seems the controller couldn't really give me much control it was almost like an on-off switch. I want to know what I can do to get the car to handle a little better. Looking at my Flex III makes me think maybe I need wider rear wheels to try to keep it from fishtailing so much. However I know the rear axle is threaded is there a set of wheels that is wider that will thread on the axle this way I can get a little more width. Also I was thinking about an independent front axle this way the tires can turn independently in the front maybe that'll help it stay on the track better what do you guys think? It seems like it would be a great dragster because it seems powerful but I really would like to get it around the track and make some good times. I was thinking maybe I could try to get it lower so maybe the motor would help almost like magnitraction on an afx but that giant brass gear really limits you.