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Thread: Anglewinder set up

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    Anglewinder set up

    Hi all,
    i am after some help. i am new to Anglewinder set-ups and want some help before i buy. i am looking at getting a "Avant Slot Porsche Kremer K8".
    in our club we run on Scalextric track and each month we race on a new layout. we have DC controllers and a new power supply.

    i am looking at a gear ratio option of 3.2+ for the Porsche, but unsure is there syncing problems like i have found with inline and sidewinders. so is there a good mesh tips on angelwinder gearing?

    i look forward to your replies.

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    With 1/32nd scale "model" style cars that are competition grade like the Avant Slot Kremer, you live and die by the overall diameters of the spur and pinion. If you take a metric measurement of the existing spur, you can then select from the spurs of the same diameter of most of the major performance suppliers such as Scaleauto, Slot-It, NSR, or Sloting Plus (which is my personal favorite brand).

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