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Thread: 100' Carrera 4 lane track for sale

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    100' Carrera 4 lane track for sale

    Momma says it's gotta go so it's going !!! Bolingbrook Speedway is our facebook page for a good picture of the track. the footprint is approximately 28' x 18' it is constructed of 3/4" plywood and 2 x 4s. It can easily hold up my 430 lb kids !! We have Trackmate timing with dead strips and 2 monitors. A Professor Motor 20 Amp power supply and 4 electronic controllers are all included. We are asking $5000 but are negotiable Bolingbrook is a south-western suburb of Chicago IL easily accessible from Interstate 55 or I 355. I am disabled and cannot help much with disassembly and removing from our basement, so bring a couple of helpers! See the facebook page and call me at 630-378-0630. Thanks for lookin'. I forgot to mention that the lane markers are not the greatest and I have been contemplating re-painting the track but have fallen short of time and talent to do so. Also there are 4 or 5 wire taps to contend with.
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