This is for anybody who can help me out.

Basically what I try to do is to take apart a motor used for racing 1/32 scale plastic cars from Fly, Ninco,Superslot, etc.... (mabuchi, fox type motor) and rebuild it replacing these parts:

-Comm: these motors come with a poor quality plastic comm that burns because of the new setup drawing more amps therefore getting hotter and ruining the comm.
I need good quality comms like the ones used in arms for 1/24 scale(arms up to group 12 otherwise the comm would not fit).

Can I get the comm only(where?) or will I have to buy the whole arm to get it?.

-Wire: Im doing some tries but I think that what works best for this type of motors is around 50 to 60 turns of 2mm section wire.

I dont understand what guage means so, can anybody tell me the relationship between both guage and mm of section?.
Is it a special wire or simple wire used in electronics?.

-magnets: Id like to replace them for cobalt ones if they exist in the appropriate size for this type of motors. Ive heard that Tamiya might have what Im looking for but Id like that anybody confirmed this for me and if so where to buy them.

Ive rebuilt a couple of motors yet and Ive faced the same problem twice:

The motors have increased RPM dramatically when running free but when loaded they are not able to push the car as fast as they did before rebuilding no matter what gear ratio used.

More RPM but less power? What am I doing wrong?.
I would like to blame the power supply for giving less amps than what the new motors need. That would explain it but Im not
sure about that and Id appreciate any help on this to sort out the problem.

Thanks a lot and sorry for my english, Im a slot addicted spanish guy.

Saludos desde Espaa