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Thread: Mossettie steel pans

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    Question Mossettie steel pans

    I see that mossettie make two different normal 1 piece steel pans. One with uprights and no uprights. One with no uprights is cut a little different it has a small hole cut into the back of the pan. Wondering if the work about the same or not. Is their a major difference in the two. This is pertaining to running a nascar body on a hill climb. Thanks for replying

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    If the track or series rules under which you're competing don't require front wheels, then you don't particularly want the extra weight and the higher center of gravity given by the uprights. It may be imperceptible but there is a handling disadvantage to the uprights.

    It's also worth mentioning that if you were running GT1 or LMP style bodies, they can interfere with body fit and movement.


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