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Thread: setting up layout on foamcore board how to?

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    setting up layout on foamcore board how to?

    ok so i have an HO scale AFX slot car layout that im setting up for my nephew for a birthday surprise gift. i have some RMAX foam insulation board from home depot the foam board will be sitting on a sturdy heavy duty folding table. i would go with plywood, but this setup needs to be easy to more or store when not in use as space is limited. my question is whats the best way to secure the track to the foam board i was thinking wood glue since its very thick and tacky what do you guys think?

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    Wood glue is too brittle. Try Silicone caulk instead. Lay the track down and 'dot' the sides of the track to the board to locate it. Add more in places for strength. If you want, you can use the 'Peel 'n Seal' removable caulk instead for easier clean up and removal.
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