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Thread: New Mossetti Defender Chassis

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    New Mossetti Defender Chassis

    One of these arrived for me today, thanks Scott/PCH!!!

    On quick inspection looks good, nice and light but not as strong as the Patriot Striker

    It's either laser or water-jet cut as there are definite start-stop points and no evidence of shearing like a die would do

    It's nicely made and looks accurate but there are areas to tidy up like all the bite bar holes...look at that jag hanging down...

    And the bite bar movement restricted by an unclean hole

    Look out for the rough bit underneath the guide tongue

    And where the axle upright has been bent its created a high spot underneath that plays havoc with attempting to get it flat....

    But I like it...could be fast!!!

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    They're definitely lightning quick when dialed in. I've seen GT1's build on the Defender platform run some astonishing times.


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