I recently used body clips for the first time in 20 years. I've been using body pins. My grief is this. I was going to run the Mossetti chassis with aluminum pans but clip holes on the pans are so big I didn't think I would get an accurate mount using them. So I used the steel pans were I had already soldered pin tubes. The tubes were centered in the body mounting holes so I should have gotten a very accurate mount using Mike Swiss's body pinning block system. The holes on both pans are 64cm center to center so there should have been no problem. I was wrong. The holes were off by 1cm and when I mounted a body and the clips were fully engaged the body was a wavy mess on the sides. I had to go back through all the bodies and reset the holes for clips. This becomes a real hassle on race day I guess it's because of the clip geometry on the ends that's all I can figure. Anybody have another reason?