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Thread: DANGER WILL ROBINSON! - Malware Warning / Blocked Page Issue Announcement

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    DANGER WILL ROBINSON! - Malware Warning / Blocked Page Issue Announcement

    OWH / Slot Car Talk
    Malware Warning / Blocked Page Issue

    To OWH / Slot Car Talk readers:

    Recently many OWH & Slot Car Talk visitors are reporting to be seeing a blocked page with a warning notice when visiting The Old Weird Herald and/or Slot Car Talk web sites.

    This has been reported by many readers using various combinations of browsers, operating systems, and anti-virus programs... while others have not been blocked or had the warning page displayed.

    I am working with tech support to resolve the issue, and hope to have it fixed as soon as possible. The server has been scanned for any malware or viruses, the software is being checked and reinstalled, and request have been submitted to the internet powers-that-be to remove the site from being blocked and displaying the warning page.

    Many readers have simply clicked on the link to ignore and bypass the warning, and proceed and to the forums with no problems with no problems reported.

    Please bear with me while we work on resolving any issues and getting this blocked page warning removed.


    Paul Kassens
    The Old Weird Herald / Slot Car Talk

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