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Thread: Koford Championship

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    Koford Championship

    The next race at Koford raceway is the Koford Championship April 7-8. This will be a major race.

    Koford Raceway is located at 1441 Dorsey Road Winchester Ohio. It is behind Koford Engineering.

    The raceway will be open Friday before the race for practice starting at 8 am and the raceway will be open until late. Be sure to get your cars ready on Friday as there will be limited time between races on race days.

    The tentative schedule is (subject to revision)

    Saturday G15, C12, Box, H12

    Sunday 27L, TMO, G7

    Rules for Box are: shunts and endbell bb allowed, Oilites on rear axle, 72 gram minimum, aluminum endbells not allowed.

    Rules for HB Box, no weight limit, any steel chassis (you can remove pans), you can modify center section, axle and motor bb OK, aluminum endbell OK.

    All classes spray glue

    The raceway will open at 8 am on race day, with tech opening at 8:45am, and closing at 9:00am.

    Races for the rest of the year at Koford Raceway will be as follows:

    May 5
    June 2
    October 6


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    Stu, that’s a lot of racing on the Sunday!

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    Yes it is a lot of racing to fit in. As we get closer to the race we will want to see who is coming for what race and see if we will have all 7 races.

    Possibly we could move G15, C12, Box and H12 to Friday, 27L and TMO to Saturday and leave G7 on Sunday.


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