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Thread: Wiring suggestions to modify a Euro Controller

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    Wiring suggestions to modify a Euro Controller

    Ive had a request to modify a few controllers . I just want to get it right so i dont let the smoke out. Here goes.

    The controller is wired similiar to a Difalco. NPN transistor etc besides a break and sensitivity pot it also has a choke selector dial 10 position with the choke wire in the box as 10 idividual coils of wire.

    The manufacturer isnt willing to give me a wiring diagram so here is what we are looking for.

    Wiring for a full on choke bypass switch. with the trigger pulled full on the choke is by passed.

    A momentary switch that can be depressed to drop sensitivity to 0 when depressed and back to its setting when released.

    Thank you all. JJ

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    John The choke bypass switch should be like an Chris Frost controller ( I know you are familiar with them) with a relay switch or a running a wire choke. One drops sensitivity & the wire choke is more about load. That changes the feel. Just think of running a external wire choke but still having the option to run the blast relay or not. Lots of people run both wire & a little bit of voltage choke. They can fine tune with the voltage but get close with the wire. Lately I gave up trying to figure all this wire stuff out about odd lengths. Just buy a 25" roll & make 0,5,10,15,20,25 & be done with it. That should over everything from a wing to a 1/32 F1. If a wing you might was 0,3,6,9,12,15.

    I don't understand the momentary switch question. Do you mean you want full dead so the car just crawls at minimum speed? If so that could work like the Kobis anti brake circuit just run by a push button..
    Why do I do this to myself?


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