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Thread: 2018 Group F Worlds April 15 2018 MMW Canton Ohio

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    2018 Group F Worlds April 15 2018 MMW Canton Ohio

    Details to follow next week, one day after FNRS race.
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    USRA General Wing Car rules and Group F rules to be followed with exception of the items listed below:

    Any currently USRA legal group 12 chassis may be used, also included Chicagoland CR003. Only modification allowed is to remove built in weights
    PS4002FK sealed motor only.
    Can bushing may be soldered, springs and brushes may be changed, Springs must be of three-coil type from a USRA approved manufacturer. end bell bushing may be glued.
    Motors must remain Factory Sealed. You may apply clear fingernail polish or clear epoxy to the seal to help retain the seal for the race.
    No weight restriction on car.

    The following Tires are allowed for this race.

    Koford M472P-WH,WX,WX+,WXX
    Koford M229-760WH or WX


    #11WR-S or M
    #611WR S,M,H,X

    You may narrow tire width to suit track conditions.

    Marks Model World always has these tires in stock and can give recommendations based on current track conditions. Raceway tire purchases is not mandatory but HIGHLY RECOMENDED!


    Any gear ratio or pitch may be used. Drilled gears are permitted.
    Only solid axles may be used. May have flats. Max retail price of $5.99
    Axles must be a minimum of 3/32 inch in diameter
    No ball,roller, or other frictionless bearings are allowed.

    Standard type lead wire with max ” insulation stripped from each end.

    .750” min rear tire diameter at tech inspection. No tire changes during race unless wheel is damaged.
    Two motor race format. You must submit your second motor for inspection during Tech registration.
    Chassis, Body, Motors and Tires will be marked at Tech registration.
    In race tech inspection will be at random times to check legal tires, bodies, chassis correctly marked.
    Lane change cards mandatory during all lane change periods.
    Any motor suspected of tampering may be banned at the discretion of the race director.

    Races will be held in a All Mains format.
    Qualifying will determine main seeding.

    Marks Model World Flatter but Glass Smooth G19 Gerding King Track is ideal for these cars, The spec motor levels the field and makes it more a test of driving and car setup ability and provides some challenging, clean, close racing!!! If you are a good driver and have been out-.motored in other wing car classes you will like Gp-F , fast enough to be fun but slow enough that you have time to react and avoid wrecks. Marshal has time to get car back on before someone comes around again so major pileups are few.
    $20 entry includes practice session and lunch. Mark is an excellent Chef and always feeds the troops well. This race is open to any and all challengers!!!!!!!!!!

    Weekly racing is held every Sunday at 2pm. For the weekly races we place the top eight qualifiers in A main and the next 8 in the B main and so on...so regardless of skill level you have a chance to win your main.

    As always, This will be a well attended Major Wing Car Event!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Marks Model World
    2701 Fulton Dr.
    Canton, Ohio 44718
    Phone 330-588-2167

    Prize money yet to be determined, race prizes will be listed as we receive commitments.

    The FNRS will run the day before and practice will be available late on Saturday.

    ​ Race day schedule;

    ​Open at 8AM
    Open Practice 8 to 12
    ​Tech opens at 11 runs to 12:15 or earlier if all cars are through.
    ​Qualifying immediately after tech
    ​Racing starts immediately after qualifying.

    So come for a full weekend of racing at MMW.
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    Group F Worlds at MMW 4/15/2018 Payout.

    At least $300.00 cash to the top 8 will be available.

    1) 75.00
    2) 50.00
    3) 40.00
    4) 35.00
    5) 30.00
    6) 25.00
    7) 20.00
    8) 15.00

    More will be available if there are enough entries to cover costs.
    Remember the lack of any credible evidence is proof the conspiracy is working!


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