A new version of the LapMaster race counter and management software has been released.
It is available for download from: http://www.lapmaster.dk

The rolling counter are the most visual change.
​The video guide to advanced use of the ENTRY panel is propably the most usefull.

LapMaster - Change log
3.26 – 16/Jan/2018
- Option to have animated counters as “Rolling counters”.
- Internal modification to “Power on” which in some rare cases did not flip the relays.
- Fixed problem with truncated “Options” display.
- Roll time for trackcalls versus minimum allowed laptime has been moved to become a “Track setting” rather than a per race setup settting.
- The internal calculation of the “Roll” compensation has been changed.
- You now also have the option to disable “Roll” compensation in order to revert back to the pre-3.25 way of working.
- Changed the internal workings of the “Simulated mode”.
- During “Power test mode”, a sound will be made on passing the counter to indicate that the lap is NOT counted.
- Delete button in data entry panel.
- LapMaster now remembers last used “Heat distribution” for the number of drivers.
- Fixed a problem where displayed lap count was not cleared when changing racing mode.
- Video guide for Driver Entry panel