Hey guys, I haven't been here in a long time. I plan to try and start posting here a bit more. Just been busy as heck I guess. Here's what the Summer schedule is going to look like:

The Crosstown Challenge series will be scored separately from the official Mid American Hardbody series schedule. Mid American series races will he on Saturdays and the local Crosstown races will be on Sundays Tentative Summer racing schedule looks like this:
May 12: Proslot, Enduro series race #1
May 27: Chicagloand Raceway, Crosstown Challenge #1
June 17: Mid America, Crosstown Challenge race #2
July 14: Mid America, Enduro race #2
July 29: Chicagoland, Crosstown Challenge race #3
August 12: Mid America, Crosstown Challenge #4
August 25: South Bend, Enduro race #3 (tentative, may be a "monza" type race between Thazer and At The Track)
September 8: Chicagoland, Legends Memorial race
September 30: Mid America Crosstown Challenge race #5
October 6: Chicagloand, Mid American Hardbody Nats
Event links and Further Details will be posted on the fb soon