The Ohio Challenge Cup made its second trek of the year into Pennsylvania for its second visit ever to the tricky flat track at the Washington Slot Car Club. While a variety of circumstances kept the field lighter than average for an OCC show, the racing itself was fantastic and the hospitality of WSCC was as fun as ever.

GT1-B was first out of the gate with nine entrants and another first time winner! New York's Jim Harter pipped track owner Ron Culp by one lap for the win. Fellow Fantasy Raceways hot-shoe Bud Denning came home a strong third making for a NY-PA-NY podium. Danny Shirey continued his standout season with a fourth place finish while Dan Halfhill managed his championship bid in fifth. Darryl Frye beat out Haley Halfhill for sixth, with Joe Gerencser and Lester Lucas rounding out the field.

GT1-B results

Jim Harter - 195
Ron Culp - 194
Bud Denning - 187
Danny Shirey - 184
Dan Halfhill - 182
Darryl Frye - 170
Haley Halfhill - 166

Joe Gerencser - 160
Lester Lucas - 159

GT1-A's biggest story out of the six car field was Eric Shirey grabbing a big win at 211 laps over WSCC's ace driver Greg Mayer. Greg had swept this event last year so breaking the sweep early was a goal for all comers. Justin Porter had a contented run to third over Jim Verga, while Brandon Barricello rounded out the field after Dennis Krivacek suffered terminal controller issues.

GT1-A results

Eric Shirey - 211
Greg Mayer - 206

Justin Porter - 185

Jim Verga - 182

Brandon Barricello - 179

Dennis Krivacek - 30

For the thirteen racer Group 10 field it was decided to forgo qualifying. This was done to shorten up what was already an abbreviated day and the results were a fun set of races all the same. This time, Greg Mayer would strike back with a huge win over track owner Ron Culp, whose comment was "Y'all won't hear the end of this!" after his G10 podium. Jim Harter took the final step on the podium, beating out Bud Denning and once again locking Ohioans out of the podium spots. Eric Shirey was the first of the OCC regulars in fifth over Justin Porter. Danny Shirey had one of his better G10 runs in seventh, while Haley Halfhill had her best G10 race of the year in eighth. Lester Lucas narrowly claimed ninth over Dan Halfhill, who in turn beat out Darryl Frye, while Joe Gerencser and Jim Verga suffered race long mechanical issues.

Group 10 results

Greg Mayer - 204

Ron Culp - 198

Jim Harter - 197

Bud Denning - 196

Eric Shirey - 193

Justin Porter - 191

Danny Shirey - 178

Haley Halfhill - 171

Lester Lucas - 168

Dan Halfhill - 167

Darryl Frye - 165

Joe Gerencser - 159

Jim Verga - 146

Fourteen GTP's were up to qualify and the TQ was no surprise as Greg Mayer laid down the big lap. He'd use that speed in the race as well as he would wrap up the day with another win. Justin Porter would land on the second step of the podium over Eric Shirey, who narrowly beat out Jim Verga. Bud Denning would hold down fifth over Jim Harter for the last of the 200+ lap group. Dan Halfhill would have his best race of the day in seventh over Danny Shirey. Darryl Frye continued his challenging day but recovered to ninth after damaging his car early. The story of "recovering after damage" would continue through the field as Brandon Barricello, Lester Lucas, and Joe Gerencser all had to deal with maladies at one point or another, while Haley Halfhill and Ron Culp would close out the field as DNF's.

GTP results

Greg Mayer - 220

Justin Porter - 213

Eric Shirey - 210

Jim Verga - 209

Bud Denning - 203

Jim Harter - 201

Dan Halfhill - 199

Danny Shirey - 191

Darryl Frye - 178

Brandon Barricello - 171

Lester Lucas - 169

Joe Gerencser - 168

Haley Halfhill - 141

Ron Culp - 95

It was definitely a hugely fun day of racing at WSCC and major thanks to all racers who made the trek to enjoy this truly special track. Now the circus travels on to the fast short Paperclip at Race O Rama in North Baltimore, Ohio to close out what has been an amazing season. See you all at the races!