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Thread: Photobucket image hosting

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    Photobucket image hosting

    Paul you can move this if you want.
    I got an email today about Photobucket from their new management.
    Thank goodness after many people complained about their ransoming 3rd party hosting they are lowering their hosting fees from $399 after May 22nd to $26.
    I updated and now all my pictures are now back in their threads. Others if they had pictures in free Photobucket the pictures will appear temporary so I suggest you go over some of your threads using them as a host and copying them to OWH as an attachment or transferring to another host.
    Till then well I continue to search for a third party hosting site.

    Raymond Batchelor
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    We will get busy backing up all the Photobucket images we can find, asap...

    and then get them uploaded soon onto a new photo gallery,
    and replace the images, as we have time.

    That is great news! Thanks for sharing the news, and for restoring your pics!

    Paul K @ OWH
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    Please start in the tech area. There were so much good information there.
    Why do I do this to myself?


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